Make precision cooking easier with Paragon Induction Cooktop

Paragon Induction Cooktop can sear, poach, simmer, sous vide, warm and braise with precision.

By FirstBuild

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Meet Paragon



The Paragon Induction Cooktop uses a connected thermometer to maintain food and liquids at a precise temperature. Feedback from the wireless temperature sensor controls the heat to maintain an exact temperature with virtually no fluctuation during the entire cooking process. Temperature is set directly on the cooktop or via the FirstBuild app on your mobile phone.


Wireless Sensor

The rechargeable Paragon temperature sensor communicates with your cooktop via Bluetooth. Constant temperature feedback allows the Paragon Induction Cooktop to apply the proper amount of power, maintaining your food at the selected temperature.


Mobile App

The free FirstBuild mobile app provides quick setup options and remote monitoring so you can be in another room while cooking. Search Firstbuild on the App Store or on Google Play to find the app.


What Can Paragon Do?








Sous Vide*



*So, what the heck is Sous Vide Cooking?

Sous Vide is a method of cooking in which food is sealed in airtight plastic bags then placed in a liquid bath where the temperature is tightly regulated. The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring a properly cooked, moist and juicy inside without overcooking the outside.


Sous Vide



Benefits of Paragon Induction Cooktop

Precision Cooking

Monitor the temperature of water, oil, chocolate, cheese, milk, soup, or any other liquid.

Achievable Perfection

Sous vide cooking gives perfect results like edge-to-edge medium rare steak, tender veggies, or 65°C eggs.

Stress Free Cooking

Connect your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth for easier setup and monitoring.

Multiple Uses

First product to sous vide, sear, poach, and warm in one elegant design.

Cookware provided by Chantal.

FirstBuild is a co-creation community that is changing the way products come to market by letting a community influence the product from the very beginning. Backed by GE Appliances, we have access to world-class engineering and design talent.

Without countless contributions from community members who share our vision for precision induction cooking, Paragon would not have been possible. FirstBuild’s development of Paragon started with an idea submission by Brad Walchak on our web forum. Aaron Ma’s winning app design and Cosmin Mandita’s winning hardware design, along with dozens of ideas and challenge entries made Paragon a product that real people will use.

You can see all of the projects we’re collaborating with community members on by visiting the CoCreate section on the website. If you have any questions, you can always email us.




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Meet the Team


Taylor Dawson

Product Evangelist

With 3 kids 8-and-under, Taylor does a lot of cooking in his home. Taylor’s passion for Paragon is as much about making cooking easy (warming spaghetti sauce to the right temperature for the kids) as it is about making a perfect steak for a romantic home-cooked dinner.


Chris Naber

Engineering Lead

Chris has been designing appliances for over 13 years. Chris realized that emerging induction technology combined with precise temperature control on the cooktop would make a wide variety of precision cooking methods possible on a single product.


Justin Berger

Engineer and Foodie

Justin developed FirstBuild’s open innovation platform. Justin is also a lover of fine foods, which has led him to work with the FirstBuild community to expand Paragon’s capabilities beyond sous vide…to deep frying, poaching in butter, and tempering chocolate. He’s currently experimenting with beer brewing and candy making.

Having trouble?

Our team is happy to respond to any of your Paragon needs, submit your questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cooktop FAQs

  • Why is my cooktop showing an error message instead of a temperature?

    Why does my cooktop say “PROB”?
    This indicated that your probe is not synced to the Paragon. To sync the probe to the paragon, make sure that the paragon is plugged in and then hold the button in on the probe for 3 seconds until you see “sync” on the cooktop display. The bluetooth indicator on the probe should now flash every 5 seconds

    Why does my cooktop say “POT”?
    This means your paragon is not sensing the presence of any induction cookware. Make sure that you cookware is induction ready (it may be labeled on the bottom.  You can also check it by making sure that a magnet sticks to the bottom of the cookware.

    Why does my cooktop say “BAT”?
    If you see “BAT” on the cooktop control, it means that the probe battery is below 15% power.  If this happens while you are cooking, we suggest that you connect your probe to a charger.  You can continue to use the probe while it is charging.

  • Where can I find Paragon documentation?

    You can download the Quickstart Guide and the Use and Care guide pdfs here.

    Paragon Quickstart Guide
    Paragon Use & Care Guide

  • How do I contact FirstBuild?

    Service – email
    Warranty – email

  • Is there an international version of Paragon?

    Paragon requires 120V and has a standard US plug.

  • How much does it cost?

    The Paragon Induction Cooktop will be sold at a retail price of $299. This does not include the shipping cost.

  • What is so special about induction cooking?

    Traditional electric cooktops can provide only one power level: HOT! They create a range of temperatures by cycling the heater on and off at varying frequencies.

    Paragon monitors the food temperature and applies heat only when needed, allowing for accurate and consistent control of the cooking process. That’s why induction cooking is great for delicate cooking needs like melting chocolate.

    Paragon uses magnetic induction to heat the pan, not the glass cooktop. This provides for quick, efficient and safe heating of your food and faster cooling of the glass cooktop.

  • What type of cookware do I need?

    Cookware must be ‘induction ready’. To test your pot or pan, verify a magnet clings when held against the bottom of the cookware. Many, if not most, pots and pans will work with the Paragon Induction Cooktops. Induction-ready pots are widely available, and start at very reasonable prices.

    If you don’t yet have induction pots or pans, we recommend Chantal Induction Cookware because their line of enamel-on-steel cookware provides a chemical-free, energy-efficient, naturally stick-resistant way to cook on any stove top, including magnetic-induction stoves. The nonporous surfaces of this cookware makes it the ideal choice for healthy cooking. Additionally, all Chantal cookware is specifically designed to go from freezer to stove to table and then directly into the dishwasher.

  • What is included when I buy Paragon?

    – Wireless temperature sensor
    – Cooktop
    – Paragon App (which will be downloadable on your smartphone for free)

  • Why is temperature control so important?

    Controlling temperature is one of the most critical components of cooking. Consider the following examples:

    Steak is notoriously difficult to cook just the way you want. Just a few degrees too high, and your medium rare steak turns to medium well. With Paragon, you can get edge-to-edge medium rare, medium well, or whatever you like. You get the same results every time.

    Cooking candies like caramel requires constant monitoring of a thermometer or testing the hardness. Paragon monitors the temp for you and ensures that the temp never exceeds your target temperature.

    Imagine the possibilities. With Paragon, we can constantly monitor the cooking temperature. FirstBuild community members are working on new applications that reduce the complexity of tasks like brewing beer and cooking rice. Ultimately, we envision a system that can replay any cooking temperature profile to ensure that whatever you are cooking is made perfect, the same every time.

  • What makes Paragon different?

    The Paragon Induction Cooktop monitors food and water temperature directly, offering precise control of food temperature. Precision cooking with Paragon is easier and produces restaurant quality, repeatable results.

    The Paragon Induction Cooktop uses Bluetooth technology to maintain food and liquids at a precise temperature. Feedback from a wireless temperature sensor controls the heat to maintain the exact desired temperature with virtually no fluctuation during the entire cooking process.

  • Can I use Paragon for sous vide cooking?

    Paragon offers sous vide cooking and searing – all in one device. But it can also deep fry,  simmer, and hold foods at temperature with a level of precision that just was not available before in a single device for home cooks.

  • What cooking methods does Paragon support?

    The Paragon Induction Cooktop is capable of cooking using several methods that have not been available to home cooks in single device. Sous vide, deep frying, simmering, and holding at precise serving temperature are all assisted by the wireless temperature sensor. Paragon is powerful enough to sear meats, and also provides a standard (non-feedback controlled) cooking mode by setting burner power to levels 1-10.

Mobile App FAQs

  • Where do I get the app?

    To download the FirstBuild app, visit the App Store and Google Play.

  • Does the app show battery power levels?

    Yes, there is a battery power level indicator (shown as a %) that is shown in the app.  The probe and paragon cooktop must be turned on in order for the battery power level to show in the app. You can verify that the probe battery % is increasing.

  • Can I save my own recipes in the app?

    We plan to add personal recipe and community-contributed recipe functionality to the app in the future. This way, the library of recipes and applications will grow over time as users share recipes with the Paragon community. Since the software for Paragon is open source, users will be able to design apps for specific cooking needs. We are constantly on the lookout for new uses.

  • How does the App work?

    The Paragon app connects to your Induction Cooktop via Bluetooth.

    Select the type of food, the desired “doneness” and press start. The app will automatically set the temperature and time to cook. Your phone will notify you when your food is cooked.

  • Can you use the cooktop without the smartphone app?

    Yes, the cooktop will be able to cook in both precision mode and standard mode without the app.

Shipping FAQs

Temperature Probe FAQs

  • What is the temperature probe?

    The temperature probe is made of stainless steel and the strap is high-temperature food-grade silicone. The rechargeable probe magnetically attaches to your cookware and communicates with your cooktop via Bluetooth.

    For long cooking sessions, the temperature sensor can be used while plugged into a standard wall outlet. Simply attach the convenient micro-USB cord (provided) into the port in the bottom end of the probe and connect the USB  plug to a standard USB wall charger (outlet not included).

  • Why won’t my probe stick to my cookware?

    Your cookware may not have magnetic walls.  If that is the case, the two magnets in the probe strap will attract each other and should hold the probe onto the pot.  Note that the magnet closest to the end of the silicon strap by the electronics needs to be mounted at a 45 degree angle.

  • Why does my cooktop say “PROB”?

    This indicates that your probe is not synced to the Paragon. To sync the probe to the paragon, make sure that the paragon is plugged in and then hold the button in on the probe for 3 seconds until you see “sync” on the cooktop display. The bluetooth indicator on the probe should now flash every 5 seconds on the temperature probe.

  • Why is a light on my temperature probe flashing?

    Your battery is low. The probe has a battery indicator that will flash once every 5 seconds when the battery has less than 15% of is full charge remaining. There is also a battery power level indicator (shown as a %) that is shown in the app.  The probe and paragon cooktop must be turned on in order for the battery power level to show in the app.


  • How do I know if my Paragon Temperature Sensor is charging?

    The display on the probe will be black (no LEDs turned on) when the probe is charging.  You can, however open the app and verify that the probe battery % is increasing (the probe and cooktop must both be turned on in order for this to work.

    The probe has a battery indicator that will flash once every 5 seconds when the battery has less than 15% of is full charge remaining.

  • How do I recharge the wireless temperature sensor?

    The battery life indicator will blink when the battery is low. To recharge, connect to a computer or wall outlet via the micro-USB port.

  • How does the wireless temperature sensor work?

    The wireless temperature sensor constantly monitors the temperature of whatever you are cooking. The temperature is transmitted via Bluetooth to the cooktop, which adjusts burner heat to ensure your food is cooked to perfection.

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